What on earth is a bazungu?

Welcome, howdy, shalom, or whatever other greeting floats your particular one-man boat.

This here website you've reached is the int'national communications node between wherever you are1 and two young Americans living in Uganda, Alex and Sam. We're volunteering as teachers of English language and literature at a 4,000-student secondary school2 run by an Italian NGO in the suburbs3 of Kampala, and exploring the city and hopefully the rest of the country in between.

As to the title, we were made aware of the meaning of the Luganda word muzungu on our first day here, in the form of pretty much every single kid we walk by ever yells it at us. It means stranger, foreigner, or white man (in our case, all three) and thankfully is neither derogatory nor mean-spirited.Bazungu is simply the plural thereof.

Happy reading.

1 Unless you're in Uganda, in which case it's just a plain old communications node. How prosaic.
2 Which is British for some weird amalgamation of middle school and high school. The Ugandan education system hates America.
3 The mental image your mind conjured up of suburbs is approximately completely not accurate.
4 ...we think.

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